Not About Me

Nothing is personal..., but you may want to know who shares the information on this blog. Words or pictures, they can only give you an idea of course... The picture below was taken in the Pyrenees (France) where I made a walking journey on my own. It was an intuitive journey, where I immediately felt at home with the magnificent nature and the people and places I encountered. What was given to me is the unexplainable feeling, that Life is so extremely enriched if I/we live close to and in harmony with (our inner) nature.

I chose to become 'Alice in Wonderland' in October 2008. At the age of thirty I went for a full time discovery of the Mysteries of Life, by following my heart. Of course a naive pathway, but nonetheless worth the try. I still am in awe of the Mystery, but I do start to see some patterns and plays that we are all playing out now. It truly seems we live in a very special period in history, where I humbly would like to serve my piece of the puzzle, as consciously as I can.

The mysteries are about revealing the game on stage as well as backstage (relative) and  above stage (absolute). Today many people like me are becoming aware of the game that is played and how to consciously start to play a new all encompassing game of love, joy, peace and abundance. The heart is in connection to all the answers is my experience, the path and guide back home.


The second 'one minute speaker' about the LoveRevolution ~ LiefdesRevolutie.

Now this gets weird if you've never heard of the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar. Get informed with the lecture of Ian Lungold or buy the 13 Moon Guide (English or Dutch).

At birth 'the body that was called Boudewijn got the so called 'Muluc Magnetic Energy' that became the blueprint of this life. This Energy is based on the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar, which is based on the stellar composition of the Universe (kind of similar to the Zodiac Calendar (October 14, 1978 - Libra). An other word for Muluc is (red) Moon. (Kin: 209 - Tone 1 / magnetic).

About the MULUC / Red Moon Energy:

Kernwoorden: Universeel Water, Zuiveren, Stroming. Kwaliteit: coachingsvaardigheden inzetten om de effectiviteit van samenwerken te verhogen. De verborgen talenten bij anderen opwekken.  

Schaduwzijde: door traumatische ervaringen blokkades opbouwen en het eigen en het potentieel van anderen ontkennen.  

Affirmatie: Ik ben MULUK; MAAN. Ik ben je gevoel en bewustzijn. Ik breng jou je herinnering aan God. (vandaar al deze blogjes?)


Red Moon Qualities: signs, signals, awakened attention, understanding, self-remembrance, divine guidance, Godseed, cosmic communication, beacon. Source.