1 November 2011

The Banking System Exposed

This powerful Pisces-system applied to the whole world. Find out how it worked. Also explained in Dutch (uitleg in het Nederlands). Our voice in the corrupt democracies of the Western World is: NOT TO VOTE = rest in our own power. It is time for The Aquarian Revolution of Abundance.

Or listen to this clever girl of 12 years old, explaining the banking system.

Like the ancient Greek philosopher Aristoteles, Silvio Gesell recognised money's contradictory dual role as a medium of exchange for facilitating economic activity on the one hand and as an instrument of power capable of dominating the market on the other hand. The starting point for Gesell's investigations was the following question: How could money's characteristics as a usurious instrument of power be overcome, without eliminating its positive qualities as a neutral medium of exchange? read more

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