14 February 2011

Change Comes From Within

I alone cannot change 
society for the better. But 
I can radically transform 
my own consciousness, 
overturning the conditioning 
that limits my potential. 

We can all do this, one by one. 

Over time we can change 
ourselves to the degree 
that society changes 
from the inside out. 
Giving birth to a new way 
of being. Manifesting our birthright 
of living in a peaceful and abundant World. 
Have no fear. Trust yourself. 
Live your full potential.

JAN/FEB 2011: Is the genie out of the bottle? Or was it orchestrated?

The era started in Egypt (pharaos) and ends in Egypt (the beginning of the end). We The People is wrestling itself out of the hands of hierarchical power structures. A brave example of unified action and responsibility... And we in the West as well don't need another hero like Obama.

Here´s the catch: we live in exactly the same (demoncratic) hierarchical power structure. There is no difference. Tiranny or Democracy: these are two faces of the same coin, as long as EGO Consciousness tries to rule this planet:
'What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy?' - M. Gandhi
The Myth of Power
More of these video's, click here.

At one side of the coin you know that you're living in an unfree, fear based, police state (ie. Egypt/Syria). At the other side of the coin (ie. The United States and all Western countries), you live with the illusion that you live in a:

free and open society. Which is a BIG illusion. We've still got time to wake up. Why do political parties exist? Who do they really serve? Why and for what are they battling? Why the duality? Where is the wisdom, the unity, the oneness? Must we acknowledge that power over people, control and a hunger for more also applies to a State democracy? Just consider - 'FOR YOUR SECURITY' - giving up your freedom:

'In a state-run society the government promises you security. But it's a false promise predicated on the idea that the opposite of security is risk. Nothing could be further from the truth. The opposite of security is insecurity, and the only way to overcome insecurity is to take risks. The gentle government that promises to hold your hand as you cross the street refuses to let go on the other side.' Forstmann.

Or on a deeper level: 'None are more hopelessly enslaved than those 
who falsely believe they are free.' - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Listen carefully, especially at 6min18sec
with former Captain of the Israeli Air Force Yonatan Schapira on BBC News 24:

You see what I mean? It's all about consciousness. We live in a society where power over people (ego based consciousness) carefully stays hidden: individually in the mind and collectively behind the frontmen called politicians. Confront yourself with the truth, which is totally liberating: 'To see the farm, is to leave it.'

May we surrender - by refusing to vote or else you perpetuate the system. By voting you give away your power and responsibility again. So get it back and allow the high vibrating love energy as true power to flow through you being in total harmony. Imagine: nobody giving its vote. Goodbye Muppet show.
We got to keep this world together, got to keep it moving straight
Love like we need forever, so that people can relate
If you're rolling to your left, don't forget I'm on the right
Trust and forgive each other
A little love and we just might - Music SEAL
Start bottum up (instead of top down) and from within
The silent and inner peaceful revolution

That´s where real change comes from. Finding out how the system works, taking responsibility for my, your and our common fate, dreams and destiny. There is an alternative. Always! A very, very positive and wonderful, unimaginable future. Amore/Love is the contageous password to this unstoppable evolutionairy energy. Join the Family - We Are the change.

YOU are not the dream, YOU are the dreamer! Welcome into your OWN SCRIPT

‘When the power of love will overcome the love of power,
the world will know peace.’ - Jimi Hendrix

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