24 December 2010

The Discovery of our Hacked World

Movies (and music) are often made with 'hidden' messages.


In this movie a man discovers special glasses which allows him to see the world the way his subconscious mind sees it. When he wears the glasses he sees hidden messages everywhere and he sees that a minority of people look like corpses. These people, who look dead, control society, but they look just like everyone else and that is how they are able to control society. The glasses allows him to see the real world and to see people on the inside and that is why the bad guys in this movie have no skin, he's seeing them on the inside and they are dead. The name of this movie, They Live, means that the bad guys, who control society, are dead on the inside but look alive on the outside. They are the living dead. These bad guys represent psychopaths, who make up 4% of the population. Psychopaths are the living dead and they don't have the same way of thinking that everyone else has. This is represented by them being aliens in the movie. The aliens are a metaphor for people who are separate from everyone else, in a mental sense, especially in terms of their moral standards. read more

I don’t know. But it’s weird, way weird, and deserves our stepping back to see the absolute insanity of it and pursue its source. At the very least it’s a call to disconnect from it and remove our imprimatur of approval by our silence and cooperation!

I do know we, the human race, are the most feared enemy they have. We have the power to throw them off if we’d be willing to wake up, unite and take action together, the most important of which is full on awakening which helps bring on the vibrational change they cannot handle. But their awareness of this threat is the the reason for their stringent efforts to dumb us down via tainted food, water and air; a mind and spirit numbing propaganda barrage via education and media outlets, and the deprivation of Truth causing a massive worldwide spiritual asphyxiation.

The following is a perfect summary of this issue and why they are afraid of us:


Any way you look at it it’s off the charts weird on this here earth, and getting worse. The escalating knowledge and scientific breakthroughs are not empowering as they should be, but instead are frightening in the hands of such monstrous entities tooling with the weakest of our race…the greedy sell outs who will do anything for power and money and thus do the bidding of these shadow, ill intentioned powers.

An easy bunch to convince they’re doing the right thing, even by eliminating 90% of the earth’s population as long as they survive and get rewarded with a position of power. Talk about phony belief systems!

Boy are they in for a surprise!!

You really think such evil entities would keep their “word” about anything?

How ironic.

Let the underground base reptilian barbecues begin!

Just wondering, as always….

Love, Zen Gardner
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Remember the Truman Show with Jim Carrey? Understand that this movie actually refers to us 'sheeple'. Reality as we know has many layers, try 'Plato's Cave' for instance. It is up to us to get out of the cave by transcending attachments, desires and emotions (hive mind / reptillian brain matrix) and above all to do something about our collective ignorance.

Well... Truman Sleeps No More... We all are waking up, isn't it?

Now Jim Carrey in Real Life... Listen to his experiences of awakening......

The next scene is from The Matrix (click after you've seen above scenes). Everyone knows this film is full of references.

Movies with a message right in our face and there are so many more... Have you seen 'Avatar'? Keep it in mind when you continue with the following links. Last one: watch this scene (1min) from the Wizard of Oz. Now check this out:



Now go a layer deeper.

And what a relief to find out that there is MORE out there, of course there is! Find more information on another very interesting page, but before you go there, please start with a short introduction.

To understand more about yourself in relation to the above information, try this.


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